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28-Sep-2017 Monterey Grand Prix

All of the Rolex Reunion photos are posted in the portfolio, paddock, and group classes galleries.  I'm in the process of posting pictures from the Monterey Grand Prix at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca.  There were four main groups racing over the weekend with several subclasses in each group.  The weather was great and the main race ended with an amazing pass into the Corkscrew by Renger Van Der Vende with two laps to go.

20-Aug-2017 Rolex Monterey Motorpsport Reunion

Photos from the Rolex Reunion event are starting to get posted...over 500 entrants and 4 days of photos  to review.  Images are already posted with more on the way - especially portfolio images from the event.  I got to see Jackie Stewart and Mika Hakkinen, but no other famous drivers were spotted over the weekend.

15-Aug-2017 Rolex Monterey Motorpsport PreReunion

Photos from the first day of the 2017 Rolex Monterey Motorsport PreReunion are posted.   Weather was foggy until 11am, then sunny and windy in the afternoon.  You could tell it was the first time many of these cars had been on the track for a while - there were lots of yellow and black flags.  Cars were breaking down and leaking oil for most of the day's sessions limiting the number of laps for most groups.

It will be exciting to see the cars again this weekend for the Reunion event.  All of the vendor booths and displays were being setup during the PreReunion.  The crowds will be huge compared to the laid back atmosphere of the PreReunion.  There about 200 more entrants expected for the Reunion compared to the PreReunion.

Galleries for each of the 10 race groups are posted.  The portfolio and paddock shots will be up by the 16th.

30-Jun-2017 Webpage cleanup

I've added some pages to add some more detail to the website.  The ABOUT page has a minimal bio and links to social media.  The BLOG page will be updated when I post photos after motorsport events.

The motorsports pages are all up to date.  The nature photo galleries are still being updated with previous images from my portfolio.  By the end of July-2017 the nature galleries will be fully populated.

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